Sexy & Clever Zombie Costumes Review

ghoul scout costumeZombies are so in right now… The world has been fascinated by the un-dead for a while, but within the last few years the walking dead have really taken over in the world of horror and are right up there with the Vampire Craze. The thing is Zombies are so much cooler than the sparkling Twilight Vamps, and when it comes to the perfect costume, we are so selective with finding the coolest and most clever to bring to your computer screen, the best is all we provide.

The most popular zombie costumes for Halloween 2012 are right here. Below you will find the sexiest, bloodiest, and creepiest available.

The Ghoul Scout costume is one of my favorites this Halloween. Not only is it super clever, it is also scary and sexy, yet simple and comfortable. Since Zombies are the new black, why not dress as a wicked girl looking for some potential customer to infect! You can have fun reliving your childhood in a twisted way when you scout out the party in this sick and creepy costume. No need for all those survival skills you learn as a girl scout, because as a ghoul scout zombie, you are already dead and looking to feast on some flesh this Halloween.

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I predict all the men will be lusting after you, while you look like you are lusting for brains. You won’t sell any cookies in this zombie Ghoul Scout costume but you can have the party eating out of your bloody hand.  Sexy Ghoul Scout Zombie is a delectably delightful outfit for any chick who likes pitching tents or, I don’t know, starting fires?

Includes: bloody uniform dress with an attached belt, sash with spooky patches, knife, beret, and blue ribbon pin…

zombie nurse costume

I also love the Zombie Nurse Costume… Let’s face it, when the Zombie Apocalypse goes down this Halloween, you can easily trick the living in this outfit.

Gain their trust from afar with the comforting Nurse clothing, then tear their flesh apart once you have them in your grip… Because when zombies take over, no profession is safe and as the zombie nurse you will want far more than to take your fellow party goers pulse. Take it all on Halloween when you don this diabolical costume and practice medicine without a license when you dress as the Sexy Zombie Nurse.

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Includes: Bloody dress and a headpiece.

Complete your look with zombie accessories and make up ideas that could lead you to taking home first place prize for the best zombie title.


Pros: Both zombie costumes are sexy and fun to wear, with the right personal touches you can make this look very realistic and be the hottest dead girl of the night. 
Cons: Both costumes are very short so be sure to wear boy shorts underneath to avoid any peak-a-boo incidents.

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