Show Your iPhone Some Love

Show your iPhone some love with these really cool things to buy!

Being that we have posted a few really awesome iPhone products this month I wanted to get into a little more detail and break it down for you guys as to why they are such cool things to buy. We all love our phones and find life virtually impossible without it. It has become a constant in our life’s and our fingertips are always merely seconds away from fun, information, or communicating. Seriously, how did people survive without smart phones… Like cavemen I assume!

SimpleShell Mood Case

Our phones are our favorite accessory and best companion at times, so why not hook it up with some cool accessorizes as well…  There are millions of cases for the iPhone, but we only showcase the coolest ones, like the SimpleShell Mood Case. It has heat sensory that changes colors depending on your mood and body heat (technically, hand heat). When you are bored of checking Facebook for the 50th time in 5 minutes and you are waiting for a text from your man or mom, you can play around with your case! Check out some other cool cases we have: Unique iPhone Cases.

The Bluetooth POP Phone Retro Handset makes having conversations on our slim and tiny devices Native Union Authentic Bluetooth POP Phone Retro Handset for All Mobile and Tablet Devices - Aquamarine Soft Touchmuch more convenient and comfortable.  Although our phones are awesome for pretty much anything else, talking on them using no hands can end up in a fail, like dropping and breaking your loved phone. We all try that awkward head tilt and shoulder lift in order to be hands-free, and sorry but ear pieces are so never going to happen again… Unless you are Secret Service or Ryan Gosling’s team of body guards, Bluetooth ear pieces look cool on no one! Also check out our Handset with Siri Integration.

pumpedup_lr2Last we have the Pumped Up Phone Stand in black or red. Our phones are rarely not in eye-shot, no one is keeping it trapped in their purse or pocket unless you work like manual labor and not at a desk… Keep your phone out and displayed proudly on the second favorite thing in a women’s life, shoes! This is rally a super cute way to always have your phone near by. This is a great thing to buy for your girlfriend, wife, sister, or mother for any occasion. Trust me, coming from a women, she will love it!



Also for the men, this Volta Sound Black iPhone Amp is pretty sweet…



Show your phone some love, after-all we couldn’t live without it.


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