Snorgtees Review

SnorgTees- home of the crazy shirts, hoodies, and hats where not only are they selling high quality, affordable, and hilarious products, they are also super soft and comfortable to wear.

The story of how this site came to be is pretty awesome, to make the story short a group of friends got together and decided they weren’t meant to have “real” jobs and so they decided to become Internet t-shirt tycoons and you can say they definitely have succeeded.  They specialize in pop-culture inspired t-shirt designs covering a range of topics including, super random, pop culture, geek culture, TV/movie quotes, wordplay, and, of course, zombies. If you like to laugh and make others laugh as well, these headline shirts are definitely for you. Just keep in mind that although SnorgTees are definitely low on the offensive meter, there are a few selections you  probably wouldn’t want to wear around your mama or children.

Anyways, I love their spunky one liners and clean designs, and this company gets extra bonus points for three more super awesome things:

  • They print on American Apparel t shirts, which are high quality, soft, great fitting, shirts made in the USA.
  • They offer new designs at $4 off the regular price, so if you’re on top of your game, you get a great deal.
  • They feature some of the cutest tee models in the Northern Hemisphere.

I have always loved graphic tees becuase they make it easy to be cute and expressive.  So, if you’re inclined to silly, random, goofy humor and have an affinity for wearing said comic gold on your chest, you should really check them out. You can even submit a t-shirt design with some punny sayings, clever words, or cute picture and If they choose your idea, they will give you $150 and a free shirt. – submit ideas.

Below are two adorable SnorgTees that Cheaper Than A Shrink has showcased.

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I highly recommend checking your measurements on the size chart to ensure proper sizing of the shirts, I can definitely vouch for the shirts and tell you that they are all really amazing quality.

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