Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock With Bed Shaker Gadget Review

Gadget ReviewsWaking up can be a daunting task for many of us (especially teenagers). There are thousands of alarm clocks on the market today that fall short and simply do not cut it which is why we decided to introduce the Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker to Cheaper Than A Shrink!

Product Description:

The Sonic Bomb, AKA “The Bomb” has been designed with guys of all ages on a mission. Stealth grey color with red controls, night vision display and pulsation alert lights won’t keep you in the dark. Complete with ground shaking super-charged bed shaker, and turbo charged 113db extra loud alarm. A full featured alarm clock, waking up will never be the same with the Sonic Bomb.

Cheaper Than A Shrink Gadget Review:

We were happy to test out the Sonic Bomb and was impressed by a few of its features. First, lets get right to the “cool stuff” aka the bed shaker. The bed shaker is what makes this alarm clock different than the others on the market. The clock comes with a discĀ  that fits snug under your mattress. When the alarm goes off, the disc vibrates the entire bed adding a second notification of wakey wakey time. No more worry as it will not blow up your mattress or throw you off your mattress or anything. It emits a nice vibration which may also be handy later on in the evening if you get my drift. Secondly, its all about sound when it comes to alarm clocks right? We set this at its highest level and we had to turn it down. In a nutshell, it produces more than enough of a “Sonic Bomb” with the sound under its maximum capacity. Great wake up alarm for those that can sleep through a tornado, a screaming train and just about anything else. Highly recommended for parents of teenagers too as you can get your kids up and be an annoying parent at the same time!

The only issue we found with this alarm clock was that it has a snooze button. Ha!


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