Submersible LED Lights Review

I love these Submersible LED lights! They are wireless, reusable, self-powered and can be used to illuminate almost anything if you get a little creative. I think these are such a cheap and sweet idea to make center pieces for a wedding, party, baby shower etc. You can even set the lights to blink, flicker, or steady and the lights should last you about 12 hours.

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They come in 8 different colors so you can use them for just about anything. I used these while taking a bubble bath to set the ambiance, with the bathroom light off and the submersible LED lights in the bath, it was very peaceful and serene. This made me think that these would be a really great idea to make “glow baths” for kids to keep them occupied and make bath time more fun. They also would be awesome to play a fun game of diving for them in the pool. My friends and I used to do that with pennies, the lights would have been much more exciting… I don’t know why but babies and small children seem to be fascinated by lights and things that glow.

With Halloween right around the corner these lights are so much safer to use rather than a candle inside the Jack-o-Lantern and you do not have to worry about the LED light burning or blowing out, you will have a good 12-16 hours of use every time you change the battery.

There are countless uses for the Submersible LED Lights… The changing colors are so pretty. The colors change nice and smoothly giving a really nice and dramatic look.

I really have nothing negative to say about these gems. They do what they say and are an all around great product.


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