Tactical BBQ Apron Review

Tactical BBQ ApronThis is a tactical apron for chefs who take their BBQ’s very seriously… For some, barbecuing is simply one of the many ways to prepare food. For other, more awesome minded individuals it means a way to cook food using fire and it’s a serious operation!

This Tactical BBQ apron will probably be found being utilized by the kid at heart type of man, who still has an imagination as wild and fun as his 6 year old who is right beside him, grilling on his play BBQ station, wearing an equally bad ass apron. Sure some could argue it is over the top and ridiculous… But those negative Nancys are just jealous because they are the ones stuck wearing the boring old “kiss the cook” apron that in fact does not have nifty pockets and slots to hold the master griller’s tools, and on top of that, no one wants to kiss them because they are big boring grumps!

Stand out from the grilling crowd, be awesome, and protect yourself from splattered grease and hot popping coals like a boss.  And just in case some loser forgets their place at your BBQ, and tries to tell you how to flip that burger like a pro, swat him away with your spatula and point to the apron where it reads ‘Chef’ on the front and back. This will remind him and everyone else who may get any idea exactly who’s in charge of this operation. The one in the awesome apron, that’s who!

Tactical Chef BBQ Apron

All jokes aside this is a hilarious and very practical BBQ Apron and I could not imagine what kind of man would not love to have it… It can be a pain trying to keep track of everything you need when when you’re grilling delicious steaks, baby back ribs, or even just simple chicken. Where are you going to keep the knife, spatula, BBQ fork, tongs, a meat thermometer, a spray bottle and a brush for barbecue sauce handy? Not to mention your phone because duh, it is imperative that your hands are free to text and upload pictures to Instagram showing off your supreme grilling skills. How else is that chick you have a crush on going to know how awesome you are?

It’s the Tactical BBQ Apron that will save you countless trips back inside the house for those items you’re always forgetting and it a super cool thing to buy!


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