Technological Development Today and Tomorrow

Today the world is extremely sophisticated so that nearly everything is achievable. Perhaps, there would be no difference between today’s world and that of 5 years ago if the curiosity of man had not driven him to achieve great things. No doubt, science and technology has had its impact on the society, with the world going digital, including human thought. To make it simpler, the world has been reduced to a small global village.

The advantages of science and technology are a way beyond the perceived shortcomings. One of the fields where technology has brought tremendous changes in is the field of communication, and that’s through the web and smartphones. There have been remarkable advancements in communication technology as well as in the e-commerce sector. Today, it’s common to hear the word IT being mentioned. Every institution in the world has necessary mechanisms that support it. Information technology has become the backbone of everything that happens in the world, right from business, education, health to communication, entertainment etc.

Through information technology, performances at the work place can be boosted with very little effort hence productivity can be achieved in the shortest period of time. Without the computers and the web, some of the questions we ask today would be difficult to find answers to. It would be impossible to carry out online transactions, purchase and advertise goods and services, read the latest news, or even get school assignments done.

Communication through multimedia and other sources
The field of information and communication allows mass communication through various means other than TVs, Radios or newspapers. Mobile phones bring diversity in the world of communication – long distance calls, listening to music, taking pictures and recording videos in HD, browsing the web etc. These benefits have become widespread today so that everybody can access them. It improves productivity because knowledge has now been increased beyond the confinements of where people live.
Technology and how it affects Politics and governance
But the idea of mass communication also affects politics today. Besides using TVs and radios, these politicians also use social media to reach out to the masses. They can interact one on one with people at the local level. Information about campaigns, protests or revolution can go viral in a matter of minutes through social media. This has even caused political upheavals in some countries to the extent of changing governance.

Global issues are now more accessible than a decade ago. Communication has been taken to the next level so that people can stay upbeat with what’s happening around them all time.

Technology and all facets of discoveries, business and economics
Technology expands the society’s knowledge on how things work and scientists are also able to make discoveries through it. It has revolutionized how goods are produced and how business is handled. The idea of web conferencing eliminates geographical barriers to allow people rich out to others across the world. In terms of cost, it has helped companies save on costs related to traveling across the world to attend seminars.

And lastly, you are reducing your carbon footprints when you use technology today. There are many more discoveries to be made in the coming years. So let’s wait and see.

Roman is a SM specialist and entrepreneur working in Acuitytraining. He is also interested in IT and often takes part in different IT trainings. One of the recent ones was Sage training courses. He enjoys spending his free time with his family.

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