The Beardski Mask Review

the beardski maskThe Beardski Ski Mask is simply hilarious, but even better- it is warm, funny, and practical.  You put it on and you get instant laughs while staying warm going down the slopes. It is an essential part of any snowboarders gear.  Although the Beardski partly looks like a joke, the beard looks surprisingly real and the product itself is actually a serious ski mask. The quality is on point and comparable to all the traditional boring masks out there.

You will never experience goggle fog up, the beard doesn’t impede visibility at all, and because it is made very well it stays together so you never have to worry about shedding. Feel free to wear the Beardski everywhere, it is not limited to the slopes. Grocery shopping, riding your motorcycle, weddings, even the DMV… Anywhere you want to spread a little cheer and amusement.Click Here to Buy Now

Stir up some laughs and gasps and let the world know you are a classy guy or gutsy chick with The Beardski. It is snow-sport worthy and the perfect way to sport epic facial hair, or hide from the FBI… No judgment here.

This mask could also be used as a cool Halloween Costume, especially if it’s cold and you’re going out trick or treating.

Beardski – Ski Mask:
  • 6.00″ high & 6.00″ wide
  • Pull-on closure
  • Adjustable attachment flaps make it one size fits all
  • Made with thermal fleece neck & vented neoprene mouth and chin
  • Water resistant
  • Lined with high quality silk backing for quality construction
  • Washable and non-flammable

Funny, practical, and an all around quality product.

I could not think of anything negative to say about the Beardski Ski Mask.

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