The Emo Comeback: How to Get the Look

If all the black eyeliner and skinny jeans around these days have got you feeling a bit like you accidentally travelled several years back in time, you’re not alone. Along with the rest of the ’90s and early ’00s fashions making a comeback, punk, grunge and emo designs have all gone sauntering down the runway recently. With bands like Paramore, Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disco all releasing new albums or heading off on tour, it’s clear that there’s still a strong fan base out there for both emo music and the fashion that comes along with it. So, if you’re wondering whether to dye your hair Hayley Williams-style bright red or pile on the eyeliner like Brendon Urie, check out this guide to creating an emo-friendly look for yourself. 

Black and whiteThe Emo Look

Monochromatic looks are a big deal in high fashion right now, but the emos definitely got there first. Black and white checks and stripes are spilling from the catwalk straight onto the high street, led by designer brands like Versace and Louis Vuitton. For an undeniably cool look, team vertically striped black and white jeans with a band t-shirt and plenty of attitude.

The Emo LookEdgy hairdos

In true rebellious teenage style, emo takes the lead from its punk predecessors in encouraging hair being dyed pink, green, red, blue, and any colour in between. Of course, the true emo look started off with so-black-it’s-almost-blue hair, so if you’re not feeling too colourful, that’s definitely your safest bet. As for styling, you’ll want a layered blunt cut with a nice thick fringe that effectively obscures half your face at all times. 

The Emo LookMoody make-up

Emo does not discriminate when it comes to makeup, so whether you’re male or female you can feel free to pile on the eyeliner. Kohl-rimmed eyes are probably one of the most defining features of an emo look, with boys usually wearing smudged pencil liner and girls using plenty of liquid to create flicks. 

The Emo LookSkin-tight skinnies

No emo look is complete without skinny jeans, and the skinnier the better. To complete the look, you’ll need a studded belt, a simple t-shirt or tank top, and of course, a pair of Converse trainers. Any dark colour denim will do, and distressed designs can help create an even tougher, grungier image. 

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