The Snugg iPad Case Review

The cool people at The Snugg sent us one of their awesome iPad Cases to review.

The Snugg iPad 3 Case Cover and Stand in Purple Leather

The Snugg case comes with a lifetime guarantee as well as in a large variety of pretty shades. Which is already a whole lot more than you can say for Apple’s handful of color choices, so right away I was excited…  Only days after making my choice of the light purple, I received my iPad 3 leather case in the mail. I can honestly say that it has already become my all time favorite case for my beloved iPad! It’s important to keep our expensive electronics protected and it’s really a great bonus when you can add style, function and quality to the mix.

I have been using my grey Apple cover since I purchased my iPad a few years ago. Mainly because I couldn’t find a better option, until now! I have tried a few other covers and cases and although some were really cute, they all had had a major flaw. Either it did not put the iPad to sleep when closing the cover or some didn’t even actually stay closed. So I would find my iPad open in my bag, draining the battery, with the possibility of the screen being damaged. I am a woman and on most days my purse is filled with so much rando crap, it is not safe to stick my hand in there without looking, let alone my unprotected iPad screen!

Not only does the Snugg, provide an insane amount of protection but since it’s leather, it is much easier to clean than cloth or suede and it looks so much nicer than a plastic cover. The holes for the power switch, volume switch, home button, front camera and rear camera are lined up perfectly and you don’t have to struggle to plug in any port. But my favorite case feature is hands down the so convenient pen holder loop at the top. I never even realized how much I was missing this in other cases and in honestly when I first saw that when choosing my color, I thought to myself  I would never use that.  I was wrong!

So pretty and such quality in the design!

The Snugg iPad Case ReviewSnugg iPad Case Review










One of my biggest let downs with the Apple case was the awkward stand option… It just never seemed to work out right for me! This case also acts as a reading pedestal/stand, with two different viewing angles. The best part is it stays up!! To hold the stand in place all you do is slide the lid into the cut-out flap in the back.

Why I love The Snugg:

  • Securely held with a velcro tab  cover flips over the screen to protect and lock in place magnetically
  • You don’t have to take the case off in order to take a photo, charge your iPad. You have access to all ports
  • The pen holder loop at the top that actually secures your pen to your case so you will ever lose one again
  • Easy to use reading pedestal/stand, with two different viewing angles
  • The case is very sturdy and made extremely well! Amazing quality was put into these products
  • Don’t forget the lifetime guarantee. Register your Snugg here: after purchase

The best part is The Snugg Promise!

Snugg promise

The Perfect ‘Snugg’ Fit

The Finest Materials

The Highest Quality Craftsmanship

To sum it up, The Snugg definitely delivers in all aspects of their promise and we over here at Cheaper Than A Shrink feel it is the perfect example of great quality at a really great price! Check out their other Snugg Products as they provide stylish protection for all your important gadgets.

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