Time to Get Your House in Order

As we move into 2014, many of us are already breaking New Year’s resolutions and letting bad habits linger.  But it is not too late to make this year your most productive ever.  Change starts from within.  So cultivate a more proactive mindset, use it accomplish your long-neglected household goals, and watch as the small changes you make at home resound as positive evolutions in all aspects of your life.  If you are resolved to make 2014 a year of self-improvement, the time to start is now.  These tips will help you become more organized, more self-disciplined, and more successful.  It is time to get your house in order!

Organization is Everything

Organisation is the foundation of productivity.  So start your project by eliminating clutter, arranging important items in neat and easy-to-access places, and creating a more aesthetically appealing living space.  Hold a yard sale, and get rid of anything you don’t need or use.  Then do a quick online search for DIY organizational tips.  You’ll find a wealth of creative examples that allow you to create attractive home touches that keep your necessities neater.  Also be sure to pay careful attention to refining your home office space.   Filing systems, bookshelves, and organized desk drawers lend themselves to more efficient working habits.

Establish a Proactive Pattern

As important as it is to organise the objects in your life, it is even more important to organise your lifestyle.  So commit yourself to a strict routine that prioritizes your goals.  This may mean waking up early to spend a half-hour meditating each morning.  It may mean resolving to spend an hour each day after work at the gym.  Or it could even mean diligently setting aside time each day to work on the novel you’ve always wanted to write.  Whatever your goals happen to be, you will never accomplish them by putting them off ‘until the time is right.’  Work them into your daily routine, cultivate the self-discipline to stick with them, and don’t allow your life to slip by while putting off the pursuits you value most.

Fiscal Fidelity

Make no mistake about it: Putting your home in order means putting your finances in order, too.  With the prospect of retirement looming closer each year, it is never too early to start working towards it.  Many find it helpful to commit to a policy of always saving away unexpected income.  So when holiday bonuses, large commissions, inheritance, or any other abnormal income arrives, you may want to quickly deposit it into long-term savings before it hits your account and sparks the desire to splurge.  Company pensions and SIPPs can also be great resources for retirement saving.  Yet people often lose track of them when changing jobs and addresses, which is another reason organized filing systems are so important.  In any case, prioritizing your spending needs, eliminating unnecessary expenditures, and paying off debts can go a long way toward relieving stress and helping you pursue your goals.

Conservation is Order

This last tip is simple.  Eliminating waste in the household saves money and reduces your impact on the environment.  So be more conscious of what you buy and how you use it.  Always look for ways to make your resources go further.  Whether it means unplugging unused appliances or taking shorter showers, saving resources is a step toward better living.


But above all, understand that the only thing you can change overnight is your attitude.  In order to make lasting changes that will carry you toward a healthier and more successful lifestyle, you must commit to long-term evolution.  As your household shapes up, you will likely begin to notice significant improvements in everything from stress levels to your productivity in the workplace.  Because our physical surroundings have such a profound impact on our mental landscapes, the positive changes we make at home echo throughout our lives.  So what are you waiting for?  Take the initiative to change today!

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