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unblockusUnblock Us is a really cool service that allows any of your devices to access media streaming services like Netflix from outside the United States, anywhere in the world, without needing to use a VPN. You pay for the service on a monthly basis (They offer a 7 day trial with no payment information needed). Just to name a few devices that are compatible: Apple TV’s, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 as well as all your traditional devices like Phones, Tablets and PCs. The speed is probably the best attribute to the service, it may change slightly but not enough to really slow you down or to affect picture quality.

If you’re wondering what Unblock US is, it is a DNS service provider which gives you full access (and speed) to sites such as Netflix and Hulu. The DNS keeps you transparent from these sites as if you were currently living in the United States and gives you full access to the American content!

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How Does The Service Work?

The service works by switching your DNS server on either your device via network settings or on your router in order to cover all devices in the house. Then when a request is made to Netflix, the DNS switches the IP to a reverse proxy which is hosted by Unblock-us. Unblock-us then hides your real IP and makes the service think your from the desired region.  Although VPN works in a similar fashion, the key difference between a full VPN and unblock-us is once you actually stream a video from the service, the connection is direct so you will receive a much faster service and VPN’s are oversubscribed and slow.

So Why Choose Unblock-us?

  • VPN is guaranteed to work long into the future as its not tricking the service like unblock-us as there is a risk this loop hole could be blocked by updates to Netflix / iPlayer.
  • I’ve used Unblock-us for the past month and I’ve found the service to be excellent.
  • I can confirm that you will be able to watch content from Netflix US, Canada (infact, any region netflix has content).
  • Only a small percentage of data is sent to the website, they support flows through their servers and do not log or analyze any data passing through.




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  • kabloona

    Good writeup….that’s basically what I’ve experienced with Unblockus during the free trial period….. I was able to “test” Netflix, Hulu, and Pandora with the service. You can also switch regions to the UK, Europe, and then back to Canada whenever you want.

    Similar services may be cheaper, such as USAaccess….I’m going to try them out as well.

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