Unicorn Costumes Are The New Black

The Unicorn Magical Halloween Mask is the freshest costume you will see this year. Not only is it freaking hilarious, unique, and ridiculous (in a good way), it is highly questionable yet fashion forward to dress as a mystical and creepy creature. Although one would often equate an idea such as this to be for a five-year-old diva, you can really have a lot of fun with the Unicorn Costume… The mask is a strange combination because unicorns are cute, but the mask is uber scary looking, so it is perfect to creep out your friends and small children on the weirdest and most frightening night of the year!

The Magical Unicorn Mask is durable, but flexible enough to not cut off circulation or the ability to crane your head in a moments notice. The muffling effect added to your voice when screaming from within the mask adds an otherworldly quality that is a wonderful addition to role play. This mask will allow you to burst forth in all of your unicorny majesty and face the world!

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I would recommend this mask to anyone else who enjoys fairy tale roleplaying, or just scaring the hell out of your wife, roommates, parents etc.


Pros: Fun to wear, detailed, durable, very realistic, and made very well. 
Cons: Like any mask it quickly gets warm and sweaty so be sure to let your human face breathe every once in a while for maximum enjoyment.


Now for the still curious but less balls out type of personality you can still kick your inner awesome unicorn by just wearing any wickedly hideous uni type sweater/T-Shirt and our super funny Inflatable Unicorn Horn Costume… You still get the magical feel of being an unworldly creature, you just don’t have to commit so much personality and fierceness into the night. The vinyl Inflatable Unicorn Horn is stashed away in a tin for safe keeping. All you need to do is blow it up, place the elastic strap around your head, and you are good to go.

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In this costume feel free to tell women you feel exceptionally horny tonight, without having to feel like a total perv! Unicorns are the fastest way to strike up a conversation with the ladies. Sure, you may have been in the 3rd grade and it was because they wanted you to draw one on their folders — but you can’t deny the results!

Be whimsical and weird as hell this Halloween!!


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